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Advanced Diagnostics @ Mer-Tech



We DO NOT ask for your open cheque book for diagnosis!!
On a modern car a simple Short-Test can reveal most faults.

Engine management diagnosis on modern vehicles can be a complicated task. Many garages will tell you "it is impossible to estimate in advance the time it will take to identify a fault" and will tell you their hourly labour charge, and say things like "it takes as long as it takes" and "it could be hundreds of pounds". This is not helpful to the customer. We are Mercedes experts and deal with multiple Mercedes vehicles every day and as a result we learn the common faults that occur enabling us to pass on savings to our customers in diagnosing times.

I'm sure some of you think we speak a foreign language when it comes to vehicle systems - and you're probably right! - but sometimes we cannot immediately identify what the customer is asking us to fix, and it isn't always apparent when we first check the vehicle. At other times, like going to the doctor, the vehicle doesn't play up the day you bring it in.

Tips and hints when asking for a diagnosis

1. Give us as much information as possible. (i.e. Does the problem happen all the time or only when it's hot or cold. Do any lights on the dash-board flash etc.)

2. Bring the vehicle in the night before if the problem only occurs when it's cold, and be prepared to leave it the next night for a check the following morning.
What we are trying to achieve is a speedy, effective repair that costs you as little as possible (but make a modest profit) so we are here the next time you need us!!
We also carry out diagnosis on ABS (Anti-lock Braking) and AB (Air-bag) Systems.

Passenger cars

  • £45.00+vat

Commercial vehicles

  • £45.00+vat

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