The Process

tuning_filesnew geniusFollowing your booking you will either visit one of our workshops or one of our fully trained technicians will visit you at your home or place of work. The technician can then answer any final questions you may have before we proceed. We will then connect to your vehicles diagnostic port and take a reading of the stock engine control settings (these are stored and backup up for the life of the vehicle).

Once the technician has a copy of the stock file he will send the file over the internet to the main tuning office. Here our experts are in constant development of new tuning techniques, using testing equipment including dynometer testing, AFR, EGT etc. Here once the stock file is received it is archived, checked for manufactures updates and then modified to your exact requirements using years of experience in the tuning field, then sent back to the technician ready for uploading to your vehicle. The technician will be informed of the successful modification and will proceed to download the file. He will then plug back into your vehicle for the final upload. Upon completion you will take the vehicle for a road test to evaluate the work we have carried out. Following this, once and only once you are happy will you be asked to settle the fee for our service. And remember we offer a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on our work.